6/4/22, Summer 125

I'm just getting into the game, so expect to see some Fun before the fort here gets too big.

This is the story of Fort Kickass

So I embarked into a supposedly swampy area (although I don't actually see any swamps) with a river, no aquifer, forested, all that good stuff. There are goblins to the northeast, though.

Here's a map of the immediate area:

Yes, all the graphics in the game look like this. They're doing the nethack aesthetic, which I like, but it doesn't even run in CLI. Why is a GUI even needed if it's all cp438 characters???

Oh, here's a map of the main layer of the fort.

Quick explanation of what the hell the characters from this 80s charset are supposed to represent:

The smiley faces are dwarves. They're colored by profession.

The commas and apostrophes and such are just the floor.

The equals signs are stockpiles. I've got food on top, a general stockpile on bottom left, and a dump outside.

That gold part is the trade depot. The squiggly lines are farms. In the smaller one I have vegetables growing for brewing, and in the larger one I have food.

That little room to the left of the small farm is the brewery.

On the top left, we have the kitchen right above the big stockpile, and to the left of that is the fishery. The room on the very top left is the dining hall.

On the top right, we have the dormitory, and to the right of that are individual bedrooms (under construction)

And finally, in the center of it all, we have the stairwell. Speaking of, let's see what's on the next floor down.

Not a ton here. To the right there's the stone stockpile and the mason's and mechanic's workshops. Wood and carpenter's shop are on the left. Manager's office is up top.

In the future I plan on putting blacksmithing and jewelworking on the floor below this.

And that's the basic tour! But before I go, here's a list of the dwarves I have.

Huh. Three children, a master stonecrafter, and a broker in the first wave of migrants.

6/5/22, Fall 125

And as I come back, the game tells me it's fall now. Neat.

From what I read on the wiki, there should be a dwarven caravan.



oh son of a bitch are they really too dumb to open the door

Well whatever, he got through. I'll fix it by next fall.

After fumbling through some menus, it looks like this is what he wants from me by next year. On it cheif. I'll just start up some new workshops and-

Oh perfect, these migrants should be great for the new professions I'll need. Let's see what we got.

Where are all these children coming from?

Well, at least I got an actual brewer so I don't have to keep using my fishcleaner for that.


Okay so all my dwarves were heading up here so I looked over here and.......?

I think what happened here is the dwarven caravan got murdered by something and this is my dwarves looting the wreck.

Looks like almost all of them have hauling on, so time to wait for them to finish.

I was kind of depending on them to tell the home fort what I needed though.

Sure hope that doesn't affect anything. Oh well, time to go check on the kids.


And I'll leave you with a picture of those unfinished bedrooms from last time as Fort Kickass heads into the winter.

6/11/22, Winter 125

Welcome back to Fort Kickass! I haven't played much in the past week, but I did do this:

So what we have here is the metalworking and jewelry zone.

On the right side we have the jewel stockpile and jewelers' workshop.

On the left we have two big stockpiles. One for metal bars, one for ores.

The four rooms in the middle are three smelters and a smithy. Exciting, I know.

The smithy is the bottom left one there, with the blue oval and the inverted triangle.

Time for some security. I'm queueing these up to make traps with. Goblins will fall into them pretty reliably.

west virginia time

I have to find some coal so I can start metalworking.

And here's the trap area! the ^s indicate traps here. I have ones that crush you with a big rock, and ones that put you in a cage.

Normally people use a hallway, but as you can see here I put important stuff too close to the entrance to do that. So I have this.

And as I burrow to the next floor down looking for coal, spring arrives!

Huh, this was a pretty short update. I guess there's not much to do in winter. Here's some stats.

Here's food stores and proffessions....

.....and here's general stocks.

That's all for now, next time it's Spring 126 and the first elven caravan. If this one dies too the elves will get mad at me.